Wicked psyched to see that DEMETER is up for an Eisner award for Best Single Issue! I am honored and elated to be on the list with so many friends, colleagues and collaborators! 

Big congrats to everyone: Matt Fraction, David Aja, Jordie Belaire, Chip Zdarsky, Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy, Jeff Lemire, Fiona Staples, Cecil Castellucci, Faith Erin Hicks, Nathan Fox, Matt Hollingsworth, Pope, David Petersen, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios, Jeff Smith, and of course Nate Powell… And so many more!! This year’s list is great company to be in (isn’t it always though?) Really honored to be up there. Hats off to you all!!    

Check out the full list on the Eisner Award website!
And if you haven’t read Demeter yet, you can pick it up on ComiXology for .99 cents! 

"Was this part of the bargain I struck?"

"He rode no more to the wars…"

"Thou giver of swords,
Of thy sons the hearts
All heavy with blood
In honey thou hast eaten;
Thou shalt stomach, thou hero, 
The flesh of the slain,
To eat at thy feast, 
And to send to thy followers.”


@beckycloonan X


By Chance or Providence… En Français! (Ma foi! Lounak is printing a French edition!)


We’re.. FUNDED! ALSO, super close to reaching the next stretch goal already!

Thank you all so much! This is really incredible.. With your help, we’ve made this project possible! I’m so excited! 


OMG yes!

"Never return to this place."

kr6979 asked: You don't even like comics....lol

You are right I love them….”lol”

godsdragongirl asked: Hello Ms Cloonan! I preordered your lovely By Chance or Providence, and I'm wondering when you expect them to ship on out! I'm super excited to get it! Beautiful work. :)

They will ship in late April/early May! At the printer as I type.

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